Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Books to share with the Kids

In the previous blog post, I mentioned I had been working on a few projects, thus causing the blog to sit without any recent update. I'd like to share those projects with you because they could be beneficial to other Celtic Recon, Druid Recon, or Irish Recon Pagan parents. 

"Céad mile fáilte romhat! The polytheistic faith of Old Ireland is coming alive once more. Child's Eye View of Irish Paganism details Págánacht, providing concise information on this ancient faith and its modern practice. In these pages, learn the history and mythology of the Emerald Isle - from the last Ice Age, The Four Invasions, the Potato Famine, and on through to the Troubles. Fear the Fomorians and the Fir Bolg; and thrill to the adventures of the Gods and Goddesses known as the Tuatha dé Danann. Learn a smattering of Gaeilge, the official language of Ireland. A Child's Eye View of Irish Paganism includes a description of the Four Treasures of Ireland, as well as individual entries for eleven of the most prominent figures in Irish myth, including Cú Chulainn and Fionn Mac Cumhall. Though written for children age 8 to 13, this book is an easy and informative read for busy adults as well." Available in paperback through Amazon and Lulu or e-book at Smashwords.

"The Druids are as misunderstood and mysterious today as they were in the days of Caesar. Written by a practitioner of the modern Irish Pagan religion, this work combines thorough research and modern passion to demystify these legendary figures. This book is an excellent read for people of all ages interested in learning the facts about the beliefs of the people called the Druids, and about the Druids themselves. It speaks clearly and concisely about the people from history that we know held this most prestigious title. O'Connell talks about the Gods and Goddesses that they served and the heroes venerated by their people. This work draws on the writings of people who knew the Druids personally to help bring the ancient facts to light once more. Finding clues in archaeology, history, and mythology, Blackbird O'Connell paints a surprising picture of these once forgotten judges and leaders." Available in paperback through Amazon and Lulu or e-book at Smashwords.

I'm a committee member and have also provided two childrens book reviews for Air n-Aithesc: A Celtic Reconstructionist Peer Reviewed Magazine. My hope is to provide one for every issue as long as the interest in the magazine is there. The next issue will be available for purchase on Lá LúnasaAugust 1st.

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