Wednesday, July 23, 2014

ReVamping The Blog

When I first had the brain child for this little blog, I envisioned it being constantly contributed to with blogs from other Reconstructionist Pagan parents of all different traditions who wanted to share their insight with other parents who could relate and put that information to use. As you can see, due to other projects I have been involved with and a lack of time or interest from other Recon parents, the blog has sat dormant for a very long time. I have decided to change that.

I am sort of revamping or relaunching The Reconstructionist Pagan Parent, but it will simply be A Reconstructionist Pagan Parent. It will show case my musings and my stories of trying to raise my kids in the Irish Reconstructionist Pagan Path. If other Recon parents would like to join in, they are more than welcomed, but for now, it will be me and my thoughts or experiences. Hopefully my ramblings will be of help to other parents on a similar journey with their own children.

So, welcome to the adventures of A Reconstructionist Pagan Parent!

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